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Weekday evening and Saturday morning registration for Wave Swim School at the Redmond Pool is currently closed.

As of 3/19/2014  the program is still at capacity and we will not be able to offer registration for April classes.
Thank you for checking the website for updates.

Please check back on April 20th, 2014 for updates on future registration.     
We hope to offer registration again soon.
Thank you for your continued patience.


Wave Swim School Administration


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How Do I Register for WSS?

 Your classes will then begin on the day of or immediately following your registration.  We recommend that you register no more than 6 days in advance of the first class you wish to attend.

WSS was designed to allow students to register at any time during the month. Since there are no 'sessions' with swim school, your child(ren) can begin lessons right after completing the registration process.***

***The Redmond Pool does operate on open registration dates and times as posted.

1st Review the class level descriptions below ( scoll down for class levels) to approximate  your child's current swimming ability.

 The Juanita Aquatic Center will only allow you to register if a spot is available.  On the registration platform for JAC, you can register or register for a waitlist as available.  

For the Redmond Pool, when registration is being offered,  there will be a file of each weekday, weekend, day and time with each level being offered.  Select the day and time that you would like to register for and proceed to the registration link

3rd Select your locations registration link
4th For the Juanita Aquatic Center, your registration will automatically place you in that class and you will begin lessons immediately. If you have registered for the Redmond Pool, you will receive a phone call to confirm your spot in a class. Once you receive that call, you will be able to immediately begin taking lessons. For example, if you register on Monday for a Wednesday class you will start that Wednesday.




What Class Should I Sign Up For?

Please read the descriptions below to determine what level is appropriate for your child or take a look at the equivalency charts here. Still not sure what level to sign your child or children up for? Call us in the office, we are more than happy to help.


WSS Class Descriptions

Water Babies

Water Babies class is designed for parents and children 6 months or older. This class is designed to introduce skills necessary for independent swimming when the child is older. In Water Babies, the focus is on becoming more comfortable in the water, having fun, and an introduction to water safety and swimming skills. The main objectives of this class include: comfort in the water, submersions, jumping, and having a good time.

Pink and Novice (with fins)

Pink/Novice Class is for any student who is new to WAVE Swim School and has little to no previous water experience. This class is designed to teach children to be comfortable and happy in the water as well as to learn the foundation for the long-term swimming and water safety skills.

Rainbow (with fins)

A Rainbow swimmer is someone who has adjusted to the water comfortably and has good breath control while their face is in the water. In this class the main thing students learn is how to swim halfway across the width of the pool without assistance or floatation.

Green (with fins)

A swimmer in a Green class can hold their breath, submerge face down, and swim a short distance (approx. 10 feet) comfortably. In this class, students are working on extending thier swimming distance to approx. 20 feet and breathing on their own while swimming. Also, students learn to jump into the pool on thier own, swim to the middle, turn around and, swim back to the side and climb out.

Blue (with fins)

A swimmer in a Blue class can happily swim and take breaths, jump in from the side and swim back to the wall, and climb out without assistance. In this class, students are learning to swim the length of the pool alternating between swimming on their stomach and on their backs. Also, students learn to swim the length of the pool using sculling hands and kicking on their backs, float on their backs for 10 seconds without assistance, and swimming and taking breaths without fins.


A Red swimmer can float on their backs for 10 seconds unassisted, swim with sculling hands on their backs for the length of the pool, swim one length of the pool alternating between swimming on their stomach and swimming on their backs, and swim comfortably without fins. Red swimmers are pretty strong and love to play in the water- above and below the surface. Swimmers are able to move around the pool independently with little to no contact from the instructor. Students in Red classes are learning to dive from the edge of the pool, surface dive to the bottom and retrieve objects unassisted in 6 feet of water, swim underwater approx. 20 feet, and tread water for 1 minute.


A White swimmer can dive from the side of the pool in good form, swim the width of the pool underwater, surface dive and retrieve objects from the bottom of the pool (6 feet), and tread water for 1 minute. In the White class students are learning to swim on length of the pool freestyle with straight arms and proper side breathing, as well as to swim one length backstroke with straight arms and a straight leg kick. Finally, the last thing taught at this level is to swim one lap of dolphin kick with proper technique.


A purple swimmer can swim one length catch-up freestyle, with proper side breathing, one length backstroke with proper technique, and one length dolphin kick. In a Purple class, students are working on their final ribbon, the Orange ribbon. This class focuses on improving freestyle technique and moving away from catch-up freestyle into full stroke. Students, upon completion of this level, can swim two laps of continuous freestyle with good technique. Also, at this level students learn to swim two laps of elementary backstroke. And finally the most challenging thing students learn at this level is to swim ¾ of a lap underwater.


An Orange swimmer can swim two lengths of freestyle with proper side technique, two lengths of elementary backstroke, and one length underwater. In this class students are working towards their final award, the Gold Starfish Award. In order to achieve this, students in the Orange class, must be able to swim all four competitive strokes with proper technique, and in legal form.




Juanita Aquatic Center

$70 per month


Redmond Pool

Redmond Residents: $66 per month

Non-Residents: $80 per month


  • Monthly registration is for 1 class per week

  • Initial price at registration in is pro-rated based on the time of month during which the registration occurs

  • Both locations have multi-child discounts available

  • There are no registration fees for Wave Swim School!



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